Yes, The DEA Really Created A Guide To “Rave Parties”


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you one of the best gems we’ve come across as of late. MuckRack recently discovered the DEA’s summary of “The Rave and Club Culture/Designer Drugs”, a 2001 document that delves into the relationship between the DEA and the so-called “grandfather of ecstasy”,¬†Alexander Shulgin.

It is based on a presentation by a retired detective with previous rave history and is filled with a number of entertaining bits if you’re really looking to learn about when and where ravers get their rave outfits ready, what PLUR really means and why they choose Red Bull over Gatorade.

Not sure what “rave parties” are? Well, let us tell ya:

And obviously, some tips to be aware of when learning about the rave culture (come on, you didn’t know that glow sticks were sold in gas stations near the Mojave desert?):

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that they define the “motto” of a rave in simplest terms – by defining the term PLUR.¬†

Oh, and if you were unaware, there are three stores in California that obviously sell rave clothing and paraphernalia: Hot Topic, Mr. Rags and Gadzooks.


H/T: Gawker