Deadmau5 Hypes First Truly Live B2B Show with Eric Prydz



We’re strong enough to admit when we’re wrong, especially when being wrong makes us so happy. A few weeks ago we speculated that the extremely anticipated Deadmau5, Eric Prydz Tomorrowland b2b might not actually happen. The lineup poster had them listed separately. Perhaps our speculation forced the issue, but Tomorrowland issued an update lineup with the dance music legends topping the bill with a B2B set we all dreamed of.

Now we know this isnt the first time this has happened, but Deadmau5 is giving us reason to expect this set to be an a whole different level than any of those that came before it. Our dream of a truly collaborative b2b set is about to come to fruition. Even Deadmau5 has hopped aboard the hype train and is inviting us all to jump on. Needless to say we absolutely can’t wait for this one. Now all we can do is speculate about what kind of stage this madness will go down at. As Deadmau5 says, prepare for glory!