DJ Sliink Drops New Skrillex and Fetty Wap Collaboration


Skrillfetty? Fettyillex? Skrillywap? Whatever it is you want to call them, it seems that there is definitely a Fetty Wap and Skrillex collaboration coming soon. In Detroit this past Memorial Day Weekend, GLENJAMN caught a glimpse of DJ Sliink dropping that potential collab. The video takes us on a tour of the club and goes all the way from audience to in the booth with DJ Sliink. Fetty’s catchy lyrical style are absolutely recognizable and you can definitely hear Skrillex’s influences in the production. The track is surprisingly chill but still pumps out the groove and is full of good vibes.

Skrillex has been teaming up with hip-hop artists pretty consistently over the last few years, creating massive hits with artists A$AP Rocky and The Game and the crossovers have been far above our expectations. Let’s hope this crossover trend continues to evolve both hip hop and dubstep and deliver massive festival hits. Check out the clip below!