EDC Vegas Finishes Off With No Major Problems


For the first time in three years, Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac’s flagship festival has walked away fatality free. Now, that doesn’t omit any minor incidents. Day one had five hospital transports and 28 arrests with those numbers being slightly higher on Saturday, rising to to 40 and 12 with 212 medical calls. Sunday tallied 40 arrests as well but not reported hospitalizations.

With an average attendance per night being 133,000, those numbers are nothing to scoff at. A fire on one of the stages is part of those minor incidents mentioned above. The Basspod stage became lit with flames after a pyrotechnics device malfunctioned and engulfed the surrounding speakers during Andy C’s set. Emergency crews eventually contained the fire without any further issues.

“Standby crews from CCFD were able to get the fire under control, limiting its spread to other areas of the stage and preventing a significant fire from occurring,” a news release from CCFD had stated.

Even with all of the negative publicity from Diplo and Deadmau5, it seems that the 20th anniversary of the festival went off with only a few hitches.