Eric Prydz Drops Stunning New ID at EDC Las Vegas


The 20th anniversary of Electric Daisy Carnival was filled with dozens of wonderful and unforgettable moments. As the dust finally settles over Las Vegas Motor Speedway, videos and images from the unforgettable past three days are beginning to surface.
Eric Prydz, who had one of the standout performances of the weekend, decided it was time unleash a beautiful new production for everyones listening pleasure. This long awaited progressive track is filled with gorgeous piano melodies, and tons of uplifting vibes, and represents what we love so much about¬†Prydz and his performances. As is typical with Eric Prydz, there’s no telling when this track with officially see the light of day. By the sound of it, the ID being dubbed “Nopus” will fall under the Eric Prydz name, rather than one of his monikers Pryda or Cirez D, so we could be waiting quite a while. Check out this video of the new song captured by a fan last night: