Four Tet Goes After SoundCloud


four tet

Four Tet, born as Kieran Hebden, is a post-rock and electronic producer hailing from England that has been active since as early as 1998. Four Tet’s musical tastes are extremely eclectic as he has derived sounds from jazz, folk, electronica, hip hop and techno (just to name a few) and has also incorporated live components into his set up.

Fast forward to present day, Four Tet reached 1 million followers on SoundCloud, and to celebrate this occasion – he promised to upload new music to his account for his fans.

This did not go as he planned:

After uploading his official remix of Tangents’ “Jindabyne”, SoundCloud found his track to contain ‘copyrighted content’.

Then as an attack on SoundCloud’s system – his new upload to his account was titled “Yo Four Tet automatic content protection system detected one tracks contain copyrighted content.”

Needless to say, Four Tet is definitely not happy with SoundCloud right now and went on to say:

As a paying member of SoundCloud’s subscription service called SoundCloud Go, Four Tet is rightfully pissed that he’s not able to ‘curate [his] own account’. As of now, SoundCloud hasn’t responded, but we’re hoping there will be an amicable resolution.