Girl Thinks She is at Excision Show After Wisdom Teeth Removal


If you have ever gotten your wisdom teeth removed, you probably know the aftermath that ensues when you are put on anesthesia. Deliriousness, confusion and down-right hilarity are just a few words to describe what happens when the anesthetics wear off. Naturally, the Internet thought it would be hysterical to post videos of people after their surgeries. The latest victim of these videos is Allison Riker, a young woman who convinces herself that she is at an Excision show after she wakes up. She goes on to throw her arms up in the “X” formation, bang her head along to a nonexistent beat and create surprisingly amazing bass noises. Her mother then brings her back to reality by telling her she is not at an Excision concert, and her disappointment is something you definitely have to see for yourself. Watch the video to see this innocent girl’s reaction and see if you can remember what you were like after getting your teeth removed.