Japan Relaxes Laws Restricting Dancing and Club-life



Dance music fans in Japan finally have something to rejoice about: nightclubs will now be allowed to remain open overnight for everyone to dance and sing the night away. Prior to this marvelous new law, a 1948 ruling restricted any venue from remaining open between the hours of midnight and sunrise. That rule will soon be amended so that club owners can apply for permits to run their businesses as “Yukyo Inshokuten Eigyo” which translates to “Nighttime Entertainment Restaurant Operations.” Soon, Japanese citizens will be free to dance the night away at the clubs they know and love without fear of breaking any laws. For a country that prides itself on core values and tradition, this new legislation is a major step in the progressive direction. This is not to say that they are abandoning their culture though: new norms and old can find peace with each other, and this is exactly what’s happening. Kudos, Japan! To celebrate, here’s footage of Porter Robinson‘s happy hardcore set in Japan.

Source: RA News