Laszlo – Sphere



Laszlo – Sphere

I’m not sure exactly when or how it happened, but somehow it seems that the people of Holland are born are born with an uncanny ability to produce quality, fun, dance music. The country is constantly churning out new talent that deliver music we love. Take Laszlo for example. aa just 17 years old, the Dutch producer is developing his own sound and representing his country quite well. His latest track, “Sphere” is full of catchy vibrance and will propel you through those gloomy days into weekends full of sunshine.

Laszlo, is another artist hailing from the massive roster that Monstercat has been building. Whatever their recipe is for success, they’re delivering as their artists continue to develop stellar tunes. Check out Laszlo’s SoundCloud page for similar tracks and if you’re feeling the vibe and headed towards the sunshine, then be sure to stream his latest track below!

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