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Lightning Strikes Injure 80+ Fans Forcing Shutdown of German Rock Festival

German Rock Festival

Over the past year, to the annoyance of many fans, a huge number of festivals have been shut down or delayed due to poor weather conditions with TomorrowWorld and this weekends Governor’s Ball being a very select few of the affected events. While the majority of fans would be willing to brave the elements to see their favorite acts play, this weekend’s Rock AM Ring Festival provides us with a stark reminder of why these festivals need to shut down when there is a chance of inclement weather.

There are currently over 80 reported injuries from lightning strikes that hit the middle of the 90,000 strong crowd. All victims of the strike have been transported to the hospital for shocks, abrasions due to flying debris, or asthma attacks, with two cases of attendees needing to be resuscitated by paramedics due to serious shock injuries. With massive names such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Sabbath taking the stage, this cancellation will be extremely devastating for many fans eager to see these artists, however, this is not the first time storms have affected the festival with 35 injured by lightning strikes during last years Rock AM.

H/T: Independent

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