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Music Festivals and Other Events Face Terror Risks

More and more venues and festivals are beefing up security following the string of terrorist attacks that have taken place recently overseas in the European Union. During a recent briefing at Wembley Stadium for music executives and Premier League football bosses on anti-terrorism, the deputy of the Metropolitan police, Neil Basu, went into detail about security measures that were already in place as well as concerns on possible holes in the night-time economy plan.

“These people are perfectly happy to target civilians with the maximum terror impact,” Basu said. “Crowded places were always a concern for us, but now they are right at the top of the agenda.”

The info presented clearly showed that stadium and music events are susceptible to attack as to be expected with large amounts of people congregating in a small area, but music festivals present other challenges with the larger perimeters they tend to possess. Particular points of interests are the rural events that host the country’s biggest summer festivals such as Glastonbury, could end up being “sitting ducks” as they waiting for emergency crews to respond from some 70 miles away.

Source: The Guardian

James Harmon
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