Netsky’s Album ‘3’ Dazzles in All the Right Places


Netsky's '3' Dazzles in All the Right Places

Belgian electronic music artist Netsky has quickly risen to the top of the world of electronic music with his hook laden drum and bass. Possessing a truly unique sound, Netsky has wowed fans and listeners with his diversity of production, and has amassed a truly impressive body of work in the past few years, including his impressive new album “3.

If you listen to Netsky’s body of work in chronological order back from 2009 when he initially got signed to legendary imprint Hospital RecordsNetsky’s work has always stood out from the rest of the world of drum and bass. Possessing an added uniquity, and willingness to stand out, Netsky took the tradition of drum and bass and brought it into the new millennium.

His new album features 12 tracks of well produced, breakbeat inspired tracks, that are truly a testament to Netsky’s skill as a producer. He stays true to his roots with several melodic drum and bass anthems, as well as branching out with experimentations into pop, house, funk, and trap. The album features a host of skilled collaborators who contribute greatly to the overall work. Collaborators include JauzChromeoDigital Farm Animals, and a host of other talented individuals. Check out the track list below.

1 – Thunder Feat. Emeli Sandé

2 – Work it Out Feat. Digital Farm Animals

3 – RIO

4 – Leave it Alone feat Saint Raymond

5 – Who Knows Feat. Paige

6 – GO 2 feat Digital Farm Animals

7 – High Alert Feat.Sara Hartman

8 – TNT feat Chromeo

9 – Stay Up With Me Feat. Arlissa

10 – Forget What You Look Like Feat. Lowell

11 – Bird of Paradise

12 – Jauz X Netsky – Higher

The 5th track on this album simply titled “Go 2” is just something else. It builds slowly and features a modulated futuristic lead almost reminiscent of Wave Racer, and a grooving pitched down vocal which truly carries the early part of the track. As the two minute mark approaches, the future bass lead begins to be replaced by a wide vintage sounding electric piano, layered with a rich 808 clap. An effected soulful vocal suddenly comes in, and right when you begin to expect a massive future bass or more contemporary drop, Netsky give you a dose of some of the gnarliest breaks to be released in recent history.

This song reminds us of why Netsky is such a giant in both the world of drum and bass, and EDM. He is not afraid to combine elements and sounds from a number of genres to create a unique work that truly stands out. Netsky has been building on the success of his recent work by complimenting it with an impressive new live show, which has been considered one of the best current live performances in electronic music, and has made appearances at both Ultra Music FestivalCoachella, and a host of other major festivals. If you haven’t already, make sure you listen to this epic new album, it is definitely worth a listen. Click Here to get your copy today.