New GDS Study Says You Don’t Need As Much As You Think



The Global Drug Survey has always been a leading resource when it comes to recreation drug surveys, statistics, and resources. They have been in the industry long enough to know that individuals should, by no means, be using a large portion of the drugs that they study however, if they are choosing to indulge in some of life’s smaller vices, to use them wisely.

Within the dance music scene, MDMA has emerged as the drug of choice for those looking to “enhance” their experience with illicit substances. With this in mind, GDS says users across the world tend to go WAY overboard in terms of dosages. The organization conducted surveys to observe how much the average recreational reveller chooses to ingest during a nightly outing. GDS surveyed over 50,000 people who use controlled substances on a recreational basis, and it concluded that the majority of people are taking almost twice as much volume of substance that’s necessary in order to observe effects.

Once all the research was collected, the survey reached a few rough conclusions, which assisted to explain how many individuals overindulge. First is that people simply do not know how much is enough. GDS recommend that roughly 80mg of pure MDMA will give users the upbeat and euphoric feeling, without risking the downsides such as paranoia and agitation. After observing the average doses that are ingested by users, it was concluded that on average, users often consume 150-200mg of MDMA, which can easily lead to dangerously high levels of the substance in the user. The other reason they attributed to people taking too much is the fact that the pills and caps are being dosed too heavy, and it can often be hard for the average recreational user to eyeball the exact dosage of what they are looking to take.

Global Dance Survey gave a basic guideline set of three rules to best avoid overindulging on a night out:

1) Aim to take less overall. If you plan on taking close to 150mg over the course of a night, divvy that up over the entire evening instead of blasting yourself in a single dose. A typical dose can last anywhere from 4-6 hours, and it is best to avoid taking a second or third dose while you are peaking to avoid overlapping consequences.

2) Try to only indulge in the substances of choice to a maximum of once a month, ideally aiming to only once every two or three months. This will make each experience more enjoyable, while also letting your body recover fully in-between nighttime adventures.

3) Try to avoid taking multiple substances while partaking in a drug such as MDMA. Taking other intoxicants such as alcohol or other recreational drugs was the leading cause of people requiring medical attention later in the adventure.

GDS again emphasizes the message that drugs are by no means safe, but if you choose to indulge, do so safely and remember to hydrate and stay cool. Always remember, Less is more #StartWithHalf

All content above was curated from Global Drug Survey