Watch Nicky Romero Troll This Vegas Nightclub Worker


nicky romero

The internet is a magical place. Before the internet boom, public humiliation was limited to just the group of people around you. That’s something you could recover from, you would just never go there again. Today, however, that prank gets posted on Facebook! And as it turns out, Nicky Romero is very good at public embarrassment.  This week is EDC Week and most definitely the biggest week for electronic music in Las Vegas. If you’re in Vegas this week, you should expect to run into somebody famous, one of which, may be mainstage DJ Nicky Romero.

The video, provided by Peak With Me shows Romero trolling a Las Vegas VIP guest lister and recording it for our entertainment. The video shows Romero getting his name added to a guest list for his own show this EDC week. Poor guy. I’m sure he meets a ton of people so not recognizing a DJ right away could be trick, but is it really that hard to recognize DJs outside of a booth? Maybe it’s because he didn’t have the headphones around his neck or wasn’t shrouded in bright lights and confetti. Regardless, I hope this happens again soon, because frankly, it’s too funny to not watch. Maybe this is a good lesson to all of us fans to look up from our phones every now and then because we never know who we may run into. After all, DJs are people too.