OWSLA Radio 10 Goes Techno with Mija Live from Movement Festival


After a few episodes that featured the entire OWSLA squad chatting it up and listening to some records, the show has taken an interesting turn in recent episodes. The last episode featured a full Skrillex set and Episode 10 might have been even more of a doozy. Episode 10 was a special Mija set from the techno Movement Festival in Detroit.

OWSLA dubbed the episode as Mija’s tribute to the city and it certainly impresses. She steps away from the bass house for 2 hours of straight techno and the tracklist is truly something to behold. It demonstrates the versatility of rising start Mija, but also the ever impressive versatility of OWSLA as a label. Skrillex is comfortable in the worlds of dubstep, hip-hop, and even techno. You’d be hard pressed to find too many other labels living in those worlds simultaneously. So sit back, relax and take in Mija’s love letter to Detroit techno below. You can also peep the full tracklist here.