Sign This Petition To Have Hippie Sabotage Blacklisted For Future Events


Hippie Sabotage

Let’s all get one thing straight—in the classic battle of festivalgoers and performers versus security at events, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to remain classy and civilized when dealing with any situation. Hippie Sabotage apparently knows nothing about this basic rule. This past weekend at What The Festival in Portland, OR, the duo stirred up a mess by acting out when event security politely asked them to turn it down a few notches. Apparently, they were yelling obscenities and causing a scene for no reason just to be “hard”. After less serious issues ensued, they put a harmless security guard into a choke hold and claimed they were using self-defense. This kind of behavior will not fly, for attendees, performers or workers of any event. There is currently a petition making its rounds on the internet in an effort to ban Hippie Sabotage from getting booked at all future events. If you believe they should never get booked again, sign here.