Seth Troxler Teams Up With #NightLifeMatters


Just in England alone, half of the nightclubs that had been established, 3,144 to be exact, have dwindled down to only 1,733. There are many reasons for this jettison on the ‘rave culture’ and Seth Troxler, along with the Night Time Industries Association (NITA) have recently begun an international campaign called #Nightlifematters for the US and UK to educate and bring back to life what once was a thriving scene filled with tolerance and cross culture mingling.

Utilizing his influence in the dance music industry, Seth Troxler has spelled out in great detail the struggles that countries outside of Germany, who instead of chastising and looking down on electronic music as a menace to society, praise and lift them up – recognizing the importance of the late night dance parties have had on their growth as a country. The big difference: Education.

“If we’re to change these attitudes, we can’t just talk about them, we need to have more young people start participating. If we want to change perceptions about club culture we need to act. Part of the reason I launched Acid Future, part of the reason I’ve spent my life playing underground music, is to try and keep the dream alive, to try and fight the fight by educating people about electronic music.

#NIGHTLIFEMATTERS is addressing the same issues, albeit from a different angle. They’re going direct to policy makers, showing them who we are, showing them that we’re valuable, showing them that we aren’t the stereotype that they think we are or that we might have been in the 90s. They’re giving young people a platform to make their voice heard, in just a few clicks on you can email local councillors and MPs to let them know why nightlife is important to you.” – Seth Troxler

As the Nightlife Matters movement grows with the continual domino effect that is taking hold around the world, young people now more than ever have a distinct and unique opportunity that few have had before them to shape and change the policies their governments have enacted; not just in the club community. Find out more on what you can do on the Nightlife Matters website.

H/T: Clash