Seven Lions Played a Secret Psytrance Set at EDC Vegas

art car

EDC Las Vegas has built up quite the reputation for itself over the years. Besides having some of the best production around and dawn till dusk set times, the festival has also nurtured a fun tradition with its funky art car stage. The traveling stage plays host to plenty of secret sets, many from big name headliners trying out a new style for an intimate but dedicated crowd. We’ve come to know Kaskade puts on his deep house Redux show here each year and last year Hardwell dropped a hip-hop/trap set there.

This year the Kalliope art car stage hosted a previously unknown DJ known as DJ Sven, who dropped an insane psytrance set that had to be seen to be believed. When the light came, we would come to find that DJ Sven is none other than Seven Lions stepping outside of his normal routine. As is often the case with these secret sets, recordings are few and far between. Take a look at the only recording we were able to find. Just goes to show you that if you’re curious enough to check out some completely unknown names, you might find yourself experiencing a real treat at EDC Vegas.