Shazam Reveals The Top Songs Of Summer


Summer is synonymous with good times, good vibes, and of course good music. Every summer has those few songs that tend to stand above the rest, and after summer ends, these songs tend to become a part of the memory of the summer as a whole. This year is going to be no different due to the fact there is a ton of excellent music out there. As this summer rapidly approaches, the popular app-based tech company Shazam is trying to get a jump start on the fun by using their real time analytics to predict what this years songs of summer will be.

Some of this years top selections include, Desiigner’sPanda,” Drake’sOne Dance,” And most notably, several selections that fall within the larger genre of EDM, such as Calvin Harris and Rihanna’sThis Is What You Came For” and The Chainsmokers’Don’t Let Me Down.”

Take a listen to these tracks below, and check out the full predicted list after the jump!

The sequel to their dizzying 2011 hit “We Found Love” garnered more than 345,000 Shazams in its first week. “If early reaction is any indication, it seems likely to be a track played across dance floors all summer long,” says Riley.

“Don’t Let Me Down” boasts some of the strongest Shazam numbers of all candidates: It now has more than 2 million Shazams, and it sits at No. 2 on both the Shazam U.S. Chart and the Worldwide Dance Chart.

H/T: Billboard