SoundCloud Introduces Suggested Tracks


Suggested Tracks

SoundCloud has gone through some changes in the past few months and it turns out they’re not done tweaking the platform. The recent changes have not been universally welcomed, but this new feature shows promise! SoundCloud’s new feature is called Suggested Tracks. It uses your previous plays and likes to automatically find new tracks and artists that you may have not been aware of. This comes shortly after SoundCloud announced that it will be removing album artwork from tunes.

The new feature uses a machine learning algorithm that frequently brings the user new content. The more someone uses SoundCloud, the more the algorithm learns about their music preferences. Ohm and there will be no shortage of new discoverable content with over 125 million tracks on SoundCloud. We can appreciate an application that makes discovering new music easier. After all discovering something new and different is one of the best parts of listening to music.

You can find Suggested Tracks in the new Discover tab that was added to SoundCloud’s homepage. It is also available on mobile devices by tapping the magnifying glass tab.¬†Soundcloud will be introducing more ways for you to discover new music in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more information about SoundCloud and other streaming news.