Sven Väth Caught Watching Soccer In The Middle Of His Set


Sven Väth

Ever been stuck in the office or class during the middle of a game that you really wanted to watch? Yes? Well then I’m sure you can empathize with German techno DJ Sven Väth, who had to suffer through the misfortune of his set time for Netherlands-based Awakenings Festival being in the middle of the Germany vs. Slovakia UEFA Euro 2016 match. Deciding that he wouldn’t have this, he pulled up the game on his phone during his set. In the pictures below, you can see his phone perched on top of his mixer.

Sven Väth

Whether or not this actually impacted his set is unknown, but it would be interesting to see how those in attendance feel about Sven Väth’s decision to put the game before his responsibility as a performer. If you are familiar with his sets, you can check it out below and judge for yourself: