The Top Four Tracks of Felix Jaehn’s Career Thus Far



Young German DJ/producer Felix Jaehn has seen a monumental amount of success in just the past year. Starting as a bedroom producer with the dream of sharing his music with the world to playing on some of the biggest festival stages worldwide, Felix has taken over charts and won over thousands of fans in a short amount of time. Just this past March, he played his debut performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, cementing his spot as one of the top producers in the game. As he continues to push the envelope in his music, a look back through his musical repertoire reveals an impressive blueprint for success, and displays why the young producer is being recognized for his highly-talented style of production.

4. OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

Felix Jaehn was fast-tracked to superstar status last summer with his world-renowned remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader.” Played on the radio and festival sets across the world, the remix hit the #1 spot on iTunes charts in over 55 countries. Its reggae-pop rhythms paired with shining horn melodies and steel drum patterns turned the original into a blissed-out summertime hit, taking the genre of tropical house to the top of charts worldwide.

3. Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) (feat. Jasmine Thompson)

While his OMI remix made headlines, Felix Jaehn’s superior production chops really came out in his rendition of the 1983 hit “Ain’t Nobody,” covered by singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson. The song showed off Jaehn’s melodic house side, and with over 305 million streams on Spotify alone, the song is a stunning illustration of the young producer’s musical talents.

2. Felix Jaehn – Book Of Love Ft. Polina

His single “Book Of Love” was released last year right before he would first step foot in North America for his Love Me Better tour. The track featured the same feel-good, sultry vibes of his previous releases, placing him as one the top tropical house producers.

1. Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn – Can’t Go Home Feat Adam Lambert

An unexpected collaboration with Steve Aoki and Adam Lambert brought out an entirely new sound and style from Felix. The pop-focused track had him stepping outside his comfort zone and proving that he could excel in more than one genre.