Two Generations Push The Button at EDC Vegas 2016


The honor of getting to push the button at an Above & Beyond performance is something most of the AnjunaFans around the world can only dream of. But for one special family, that dream became a reality this past Saturday night at EDC Las Vegas. Anthony Vagenas, his brother, and their grandparents were given a truly special small moment when they were brought on stage by Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness. Four fans, spanning three generations, came together to press one button, and brought tears to the eyes of thousands.

“Normally we don’t plan Push The Button in advance, as the spontaneity element is a big part of what makes it exciting. But… when Anthony Vagenas sent us this message we knew we had to make an exception :)”

“I am currently going to attend EDC Las Vegas with my brother and grandparents, and I’ll keep this short and sweet. My grandmother turns 75 years old Friday, June 17th, and my grandpa will be 84 years old during the time as well. I’m trying to give them the best experience that they can have while they are there at EDC, and would love for my grandparents to push the button. We have to keep the edm scene going for as long as we can and this would really help to prove that the age difference has no affect in a place like EDC, and everyone loves everyone.”