[WATCH] KSHMR Continues Playing On Stage, Not Realizing His Sound Cut Off


It’s always fun to catch a DJ in the middle of an embarrassing moment; it makes the man behind the turntables more human. The latest victim, KSHMR, took the stage at Toronto’s Echo Beach music festival, Freedom, alongside Kaskade and Cash Cash to play a presumably awesome set. Unfortunately, unknowingly to the LA-based producer, festival goers were not able to hear it when the main stage speakers randomly turned off. This didn’t stop KSHMR from jamming out to his mix and even yelling out into the crowd. You see, he kept his headphones on the whole time and his equipment was still working so he didn’t realize that no sound was streaming outside his headphones.

The technical difficulties forced the crowd to wait in silence and partake in a Raptors chant out of frustration. Obviously this faux pas was 100% the sound technician’s fault. However, KSHMR took the brunt of it as you can see in this fan video uploaded on Facebook.