10 Things We Learned From the Blasterjaxx AMA


1. How things have changed (or not) with Idir staying home:

Like before, we are still both fully involved in everything we produce and do.

2. No album anytime soon

album? haha

3. When will fans see Idir and Thom back on stage together again?

Unfortunately we don’t know yet

4. Favorite artists of the moment, and a wildcard

Moti is killing it, Olly james and KEVU as well as new upcoming guys! Outside the industry, Halsey

5. You don’t need a fancy studio to produce big tracks

We made Koala on the most shitty set-up ever 😉

6. Favorite song that isnt their own

Daddy Yankee – Gasolina

7. Favorite video game series

Idir would go for FIFA, Thom is more a Zelda fan

8. Have they ghost produced or used one themselves?

No we have ghost produced for some other people, back in the days. Never used one ourselves tho.

9. They struggle with expanding their sound and staying true to their brand

1: Yes but every artist is going through the same thing. 2: its not easy

10. New music is coming

Stay tuned 😉 There is a lot coming!

Check out the full AMA here.