9 New Martin Garrix IDs Revealed

Martin Garrix

Fans of dance music know that producers will often have plenty of music waiting in the wings for months or even years at a time before the track finally gets a title and release. Now Reddit user ComplexChristian is a blessing to Martin Garrix fans. After doing some web-surfing on the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, he released a list yesterday of some of the Dutch producer’s upcoming songs and their official titles. Although a few of the tracks from this year’s Ultra Music Festival have already been tentatively identified, it’s great to see some confirmation from ASCAP itself. See how many of the IDs you already knew and which ones are a surprise.

Here’s ComplexChristian’s full list of Martin Garrix IDs:

  • Bronze – Martin Garrix
  • FCK – Martin Garrix
  • Frycho – Martin Garrix
  • Hold On & Believe – Martin Garrix feat. The Federal Empire
  • Made in China – Martin Garrix
  • Name of Love – Martin Garrix feat. Bebe Rexha
  • SHM – Martin Garrix feat. Jay Hardway
  • Spotless – Martin Garrix feat. Jay Hardway
  • Valid – Martin Garrix feat. Jay Hardway