Bobby Nourmand – Deep (Radio Edit)



Bobby Nourmand – Deep

Los Angeles is known for producing some of the best talents in the industry, and talent Bobby Nourmand is definitely on the rise. His musical talent started at a young age, playing multiple instruments such as the violin and the saxophone. As time went on, NourmandĀ felt the need to express himself in his true, personalized form of art. The radio edit of Bobby Nourmand’sĀ track “Deep” is a product of his timeless, classic, and nostalgic style. Those of you that have already been following Nourmand may already be familiar with this track, but it’s time for the rest of us to get with it and listen to this sexy tune. With recognition from Sirius XM Chill, “Deep” has earned positive vibes for the great production and yearning vocals that invite you to dance deep in the night.

Bobby Nourmand – Deep | iTunes