Deadmau5 Has Completed His Next Album


Oh boy it’s always great when we can report on some Deadmau5 music developments, although he manages to keep us plenty busy anyway. While everybody is laser focused on his upcoming DJ duet with Eric Prydz at Tomorrowland, Joel has completed his next album.

In typical Deadmau5 fashion, he dropped this information with a simple tweet responding to a fan question about it. No need for a fancy live video snapchat takeover announcement, just Deadmau5 being Deadmau5. So with the album content complete, we are left to wonder what’s on it and when we’ll get it. Unfortunately we can’t answer those questions except to expect yet another snarky album title as the mau5 has become famous for. If you simply can’t wait for mau5 you can book him yourself if you have a cool $400,000-1,000,000.