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Demoda – Clear Conscience (Live Maschine Performance)

Over the last year or so there has been a noticeable rise in producers incorporating live instruments into their performances. In some cases it is in an effort to stand out from the overcrowded pack, but in the case of New York based producer Dave Johnson, AKA DeModa, it’s simply his preferred method of delivering his tunes to his growing fan base. DeModa recently released the music video for his latest song “Clear Conscience,” featuring a live Maschine performance by Johnson himself.

“Clear Conscience” combines a variety of elements from several different genres, fusing them together effortlessly to create one infectious tune. The music video sets Johnson and his equipment in front of a backdrop that he describes as  having “a retro feel, visually similar to an old Euro-pop VHS recording.” As for his performance technique, Johnson has been playing guitar since he was 12 and has since picked up piano as well. Because of his long relationship with playing instruments, he says his top priority is “delivering an authentic experience while preserving the excitement and energy that electrifies a crowd in the presence of a DJ.”

Check out the awesome video for DeModa’s “Clear Conscience” below, and make sure to give him a follow on Soundcloud to stay up to date on his upcoming releases.

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