DJ Fresh Announces Leave of Absence, To Retire From Touring Effective January 1


DJ Fresh
Another DJ has bitten the dust so to speak. Run aground by the endless loops that most big artists and groups run through as their popularity goes through the roof. A lack of experimentation, the grueling endurance one has to possess to make it from point A to point B while on tour for months at a time, and sometimes, just the utter BS that goes on in the music industry on a day-to-day basis can grind down an individual. Looks like this has happened to DJ Fresh.

In a Facebook post, he goes into a little more detail on his gripes and quarrels with the industry as it stands right now and deserved so, there is a lot of truth behind his heartbreaking statement.

Having produced the track “The Nine” with Bad Company, which was voted by Knowledge Magazine as the best drum and bass tune of all time, while also having an outstanding solo career, DJ Fresh will be sorely missed and while his return, if any to the touring aspect of his career, is up in the air, we hope that he finds everything he is looking for.