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Droptek – Rupture

Droptek – Rupture

The dance music genre is constantly evolving. New styles are always popping up and what’s popular this year or even this month most certainly will change in the near future. Chalk it up to our short attention spans or maybe the creativity our generation brings to musical production. One style that has been here since the beginning is drum n’ bass. Not everyone is a fan of drum n’ bass, but for those that are, listen up, and for those that aren’t, pay attention. There’s a UK producer by the name of Droptek and he consistently delivers for the D&B enthusiasts and he’s done it again, with his latest track, “Rupture.”

Droptek produces some weeeeeiiiiiiird shit and this track is no exception. The beat is fast and the bass is raunchy, in all the best ways. Listeners beware, this track is likely to rupture something internally (points for clever word play). The spacey moments of this track give us just enough time to collect ourselves before the next gnarled drop. Interested? I thought you might be, check out the stream and support the track below!

Droptek – Rupture | iTunes

Minneapolis. Lovable Weirdo. Be Happy.
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