DVBBS Arrested on Drug Charges, Connected with Two Unconscious Girls


DVBBSControversy is surrounding the Canadian duo, DVBBS, for events that took place last Saturday night after their set at Hungary’s Balaton Sound music festival. After being spotted in the front row, two girls at their set were invited backstage to hangout with the group. These girls entered a well protected area backstage, which festival organizers confirmed would not have been possible without artist accompaniment. Later that night, they were found unconscious, by which time DVBBS was already on their way to the airport in Budapest. Minutes after hearing what happened, one of the girls mothers called the cops and filed a police report. The police then stopped DVBBS plus two other men at Ferihegy Airport, arresting them on drug possession offenses after a suspicious substance was found in a drug screening. When asked if these drug related charges were related to the unconscious girls, Somogy County Police said, “yes, of course.”

DVBBS has officially responded to these events, expressing their shock at what happened to the girls and claiming that they had no connection to them regardless of the “marijuana-related business.” They also pledged their willingness to continue to help the police solve the case, and said that “mentally we are with the victims and their families.” Regardless of the outcome of the police investigation, it seems that there will be consequences for DVBBS, as their upcoming performance at Sziget Festival in Hungary has been cancelled. This festival was co-created by the same organizers of Balaton Sound.

Source: BorsOnline