Video Premier: Superwalkers – Lost (As I Am)


EDMTunes is excited to debut the official music video for “Lost (As I Am)”. The single, released on Cosmos Music, is a crisp summation of Swedish duo Superwalkers’ nu/retro-pop flavor. The music video presents a unique story surrounding the notorious legend of ‘Hotel Pandora’.

Set in Miami during the 1980’s, this cult-hotel was famed for accommodating avant-garde artists, celebrities, yuppies, bohemians and every eccentric in between. Unfortunately, Hotel Pandora was abandoned in the early 90’s during mysterious circumstances, and the building was barred for the public. Much has been said about what really went on behind the walls of Hotel Pandora, but few know the actual truth. Pandora is simply an urban legend – or is it…?

Electronic music has become a safe-haven culture for those who are Lost; old / young, rich /poor, gay / straight, etc. Our music doesn’t discriminate. We all have our own “Hotel Pandora”, and in that place we have the freedom to be ourselves; without judgement, opinions, and the calamity of the outside world.

Superwalkers shared a few words on the video: “The video beautifully illustrates, in a series of sequences, an existential crisis of somebody lost roaming in life.”

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About the director:
“Nathalie Hallman, b. 1989, is a Swedish director and art director based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works in the borderland between the art and commercial world, heavily influenced by cinematic imagery, retro-nostalgia, surrealism and camp in pop culture.”