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Monstercat Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Variety is the spice of life. It’s also the key to success. The saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies to many facets of our lives as a way to minimize our risk, yet maximizing our efforts. The same goes for the music industry, specifically, record companies. In our generation alone, we’ve seen a drastic evolution that has demanded change from these companies and one that’s handling it quite well is the independent Canadian based label Monstercat.

Monstercat was founded in 2011 and since inception has diversified their portfolio, not only with their artists, but with their connections to their audience as well. To start, they have an event series, AFK (Away From Keyboard), designed to connect gamers to one another IRL (in real life). Additionally, they have a successful Twitch channel and 24/7 radio and their very own platform called the Monstercat Connect which allows various online streamers the ability to use the Monstercat artist’s music in their streams without putting their page at risk.

All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the roster of artists that have releases on Monstercat. Krewella, San Holo, Slushii, Unlike Pluto, Pegboard Nerds, Marshmello – any of these sound familiar? The combination of up-and-coming artists and powerhouse producers gives the fans exactly what they are asking for: great dance music. This week is Monstercat’s 5-year anniversary and, to commemorate, they’ve delivered a compilation playlist filled with an eclectic mix of artists including Rogue, Muzzy and Pegboard Nerds. Be on the lookout for more stellar releases from Monstercat the rest of this year and as they move onward into next year. But until then, check out 5 Years of Monstercat in the playlist below!

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