Nigerian DJ Breaks World Record For Longest DJ Set to Honor His Father


dj obi

A record was set last year for World’s Longest DJ set, by a man named Norbert Selmaj, after he spent 200 hours spinning music in Dublin, Ireland. Even though this was a remarkable achievement and seemingly invincible, the record has already fallen.

DJ Obi, a Nigerian DJ has bested Selmaj and claimed rights as the new record-holder for Worlds Longest DJ set. He performed a continuous 229 hours on the decks. So basically he DJ’d for 10 days straight. And were all over here complaining about 3 day festivals being a challenge. There are rules written in that allow a single 2 hour break per day so you can sleep, but even with that towards the end the conditions started to get difficult.

“I hadn’t slept for maybe 4 or 5 days, I woke up hallucinating, I wasn’t in control of my body… People kept using my dad as a reference point, because you know, I’d lost my dad – and you know, ‘he’s going to be disappointed if you stop, you have to keep pushing, he’s watching you, he’s looking.’ But that’s really what kept me going.”