Police Seize 2 Million Euros at Amnesia Ibiza



One of the Island of Ibiza’s favorite dance spots, Amnesia, has been under police investigation lately in an anti-drug operation by authorities.

A few days ago, we got news that Amnesia had been raided by the police in the early morning hours in what was supposed to be a drug raid even though it was a joint operation with tax-authorities. 4 people were arrested that day including owner Martin Ferrer. Very few details are known at this point. The police then returned a day later to do another search this time coming out with 2 million Euros as well as a money counting machine. Ferrer’s son Marti was arrested along with the club’s business manager and accountant. The investigation is being undertaken by the Ibiza Tax Agency and the island Organized Crime and Anti-Drug team and is reported to have been sparked by suspicions about the clubs tax returns.

It’s not unusual for a club to have large amounts of cash on hand in the building especially a place as popular as Amnesia Ibiza. With the amount of costs and the people they have coming through the doors, big money is inevitable, but 2 million Euros might be excessive and doesn’t help their cause if there is drug activity suspected from Ibiza’s Anti-Drug team.

Source: Mixmag