Snapchat and Bitmoji Team Up for Even More Fun



In March this year, it was announced that Snapchat was buying Bitstrips, the company responsible for your favorite personalized emoji app Bitmoji. The deal was reportedly around the $100 million mark. A pretty hefty sum of money for emojis, yeah? Well maybe not. As of Snapchat’s latest update Snapchat users can now link their Bitmoji accounts to post their very own bitmojis in their snaps. Check out the intro video below for details.

Crazy right?  Crazy, childishly, AMAZING!  Think about it, snaps of yourself can now include even more of yourself.  Can you imagine the cartoon version of you bouncing all over your snapstory at the next festival you go to?  Or when you snap a pic of Flume on stage at his world tour surrounded by your very own Bitmoji.  But it doesn’t stop there, if you’re chatting with a friend and they also have their Bitmoji account linked, you’ll be able to use Friendmoji.  Yep, a cartoon of you and your friend together!  The creative possibilities here are endless.

Snapchat is leading the way in terms of social app innovation and this latest feature proves just that.  If you haven’t already connected your accounts, do it now and get to snapping!