Snooki From MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Just Dropped A Music Video



Do you guys remember MTV’s Jersey ShoreOf course you do (even if most of us would love to forget it). The reality series was one of the biggest cultural phenomenas of the 2010s and spawned countless spinoffs. One of the show’s biggest personalities was none other than Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. The now 28 year old was known for her love for boys, booze and bad decisions, but now, it seems like Polizzi has toned down her act a little bit. She now has a husband, two children and a possible career in the music industry?

Snooki just released her first music video for and by the looks of it, she definitely should stick to her day job (whatever that is). The song is titled “Yung Mommy” and while it may be pretty difficult to listen to, it is worth noting that the tune does feature a dance music-inspired drop. In the YouTube description, Snooki points out that “Yung Mommy” is “just meant to be fun and funny”, so don’t worry about it popping up on the radio.