A New Speaker Is Hitting The Market Soon & It Will Literally Blow You Away


A new speaker will be on the market soon, available to those who have the cash to shell out for such a unique item. The Phantom wireless speaker, produced by French audio company Devialet, is reportedly capable of outputting sounds that can reach as loud as a live rock concert without the wavelengths showing any kind of distortion. That’s 108 decibels ladies and gentleman.


That type of quality sound production will not be going for cheap. $1,990 is what the most basic model will run. Being wireless only in respect to the input source, the outer shell is comprised of plastic with the inner workings made out of kevlar to minimize stray vibrations from escaping the enclosure with the speakers designed with aluminum.

The technology has been dubbed “active cospherical engine loudspeaker” by its creators, with two speakers on each side emittig vibrations in an omni-directional pattern. To match the highs and mids created by the speakers, the bass had its own technology invented called “Heart Bass Implosion”, allowing the the lows to punch through the already dense over wavelengths.


A few features that come standard ad are pretty damn usefull is the pair of two Phantoms together dubbed “Dialog” mode. Even better, you can make this adjustment along with other through their app “Spark” via the Phantom’s built in WiFi network, through a bluetooth connection or a good ole’ hardwired analog chord. Available in three models, with two of them already being released, there is a lot to be desired when the latest test version is sent out for review!


Source: Tech Insider