Ten Walls Removed From Gig at Circoloco Ibiza


Ten Walls, real name Marijus Adomaitis, was pulled from his gig at DC10‘s Circoloco as a result of the social media storm that followed the news of his booking at the show.

Last year the DJ made a homophobic rant on his personal Facebook page that appalled many in the global dance community, which resulted in many major festivals dropping him from their lineups. Circoloco’s announcement of Ten Walls joining their DC10 lineup in Ibiza this Monday, the first time a popular event has booked him since the outburst, was met with fans and DJs taking to social media to voice their unhappiness with the decision. Pearson Sound even took to Twitter, suggesting to the other artists on the lineup to withdraw from the show.

As a result, Circoloco issued this response on their Facebook page:

“Ten Walls will no longer be playing at Circoloco next Monday. Circoloco and DC10 Ibiza exist due to values of equality and freedom and we deeply regret any offense caused by this booking.”

Ten Walls has since taken to Facebook to make a statement of his own:

Even with the halfhearted apology Adomaitis issued a few months after the controversy (or perhaps, in part because of it), it’s heartening to see that the dance industry continues to hold the DJ answerable for his actions.