ZHU – Hometown Girl


Hometown Girl

ZHU- Hometown Girl

We are now just four days away from the premiere of ZHU‘s new album, “Generationwhy.” In the weeks leading up to the album, he has dropped various upcoming singles, most recently the refreshingly unique and long anticipated “Palm of My Hand.” This year has also seen him tease his fans with tracks such as the stirringly sensual “In the Morning” and the infectiously groovy “Generationwhy.” Having already released the album’s high powered bonus track, “Working For It,” on last year’s EP, “Genesis Series,” ZHU still had 10 brand new songs left to unveil this Friday. However, today’s news brings this number down to nine, as ZHU just gifted his fans with his newest release titled, “Hometown Girl.”

“Hometown Girl” begins with a chilled out beat that is effortlessly complemented by the chorus’ silky smooth vocals. ZHU’s production brilliantly evokes powerful feelings of nostalgia and youthful bliss as the song poignantly croons about lost love. This newest release brilliantly showcases the versatility we can expect on his upcoming album, as this enchantingly beautiful track is a noticeable departure from “Palm of My Hand”‘s dark and brooding atmosphere. Thankfully, there is less than a week left to wait, as you can grab ZHU’s album this Friday when it is released on Colmbia Records.

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