Ashley Wallbridge Reveals Ghost-Producing Past

ashley wallbridge

By now the ghost-producing horse has been beaten to death, revived, and then beaten back to death about 5 times. It might be the controversy or it might be the blogosphere’s respect for the quality of the ghost-produced tracks, but several ghosts are stepping out of the shadows and creating their own identities. While Maarten Vorwerk still keeps to himself, KSHMR was formerly a popular ghost producer and has made a real name for himself. Now trance producer and member of CVNT5, Ashley Wallbridge, is ready to come¬†into his own as well.

The producer has been credited to tracks before, working mainly with Gareth Emery’s Garuda ¬†label. Now he is setting the record straight with a Twitter video, where he claims that he produced 10 Beatport #1 records for other artists. Previously he felt fulfilled getting paid and making music in silence, but over time this wore on him and in 2016 he is determined to make it on his own. Also if you listen to the background music in the video you can instantly take notice of the quality of his productions. Look out for Ashley Wallbridge this year because he might reach that Beatport Top 10 all by himself soon.