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Burning Man’s Boeing 747 Art Car Is On The Move

Boeing 747

Burning Man is coming up and were sure to be amazed by some new, bigger and better pieces of art at the fest. Every year, Burning Man shows why it is a destination for people all over the world as it pushes the limits on art, music and life. So when we see pictures of huge art installations, we are not surprised.

Another big piece is on its way to Black Rock City right now and it is a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet that has had the interior turned into a lounge. It weighs 30,000 pounds and is 75 feet long. It costs thousands of dollars to setup and take down and has roads shut down because it is so big. Travellers along these desert roads may not have been too pleased about the delays, but we can guarantee you that the attendees at Burning Man 2016 will be more than thrilled to see this giant art installation on the playa.

Boeing 747

Boeing 747

Burning Man from UBERcut on Vimeo.

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