Colorado Residents Complain About Basscenter Noise



For this year’s Bass Center,¬†Bassnectar¬†and his team made the executive decision to move the event to Commerce City’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. After last year’s show at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater, the venue enacted strict noise constraints that would, according to Lorin Ashton, “sound like laptop speakers.” Because Commerce City has no regulations in regards to how loud music can be, the Bassnectar team decided it would be perfect for the show. However, residents living three to four miles away from the show complained about how loud the music was. Denver resident Joe Quillin stated that he thought his house was shaking from an earthquake when it was really because of how loud the music was. While Bass Center did not violate anything under its permit, the city council is asking for new regulations to be followed for future electronic music events such as Bass Center.

H/T: Fox 31 Denver