Daft Punk and The Weeknd Are Reportedly Working On Music Together

Could this really be our dream come true?


Legendary French duo Daft Punk is known for the sort of enigmatic cloud that surrounds them. Beyond their helmets shading their own identities, there are constant rumors flurrying about their new music, pop-up performances, and things that never really seem to happen (Coachella, every. single. year.) They’ve been silent since the release of their last album, Random Access Memories. However, there seems to be something solid coming about: they are in the studio with The Weeknd.

Though this could be just another rumor in the never-ending mill to create more excitement (and, of course, we’ll never weather, because who doesn’t love Daft Punk), we have high hopes that there is validity to the statement this time around. The news was announced in a Billboard video series called ‘Hitmakers Roundtable.’ Wendy Goldstein, the EVP A&R for Republic Records, shared the news that the two acts are planning to have a joint studio session in just two days. When asked about artists she admires and hoped to work with, her answer: “We have a session coming up in two days […] with The Weeknd and Daft Punk. I’ve always been a massive Daft Punk fan, so this is the first time that I’m actually involved with an artist who is actually going to go work with them.”

Same, Wendy. We’re massive fans. Fingers crossed that we will be able to see the result of that studio session.

You can watch Wendy reveal the news below.