Detroit’s Packard Plant May Become a Techno Haven


There have been whispers about the birthplace of techno recently. Detroit, a once thriving city, home to many manufacturing plants that at one time, belonged to the auto industry and beyond, are now sitting in ruin, abandoned as mother nature shows her prowess. As with Berlin and the struggles they had endured, techno helped to revitalize and unify a post-wall era. The same hope has been instilled by a few individuals for Detroit.

Back in 2013, Fernando Palazuelo, owner of real estate development firm Arte Express, purchased the space for $405,000 in a Wayne County tax foreclosure auction. The goal: to reopen the factory complex as a restored environment used for residential, commercial and cultural development projects. Recently, Dimitri Hegemann, founder of Berlin’s Tresor techno nightclub, has expressed interest in expanding his enterprise overseas. Specifically with Palazuelo and his newer purchase.

After all is set and done, four phases will have been completed. The introductory phases I and II primarily deal with the renovation aspect; transforming the once booming factory into a more modern office setting as well as the creation of the recreational complex. The plans for this part of the project is still up in the air with work being able to begin immediately if the council approves plans to freeze the current levels of the site’s property taxes for 12 years.

We expect it’s going to take a number of years to pull a profit — but that’s not our main goal,” Smith said. “Our main goal is the architectural renovation of these buildings and the benefits that this transition is going to have for the community.”

The later stages of development for phase III and IV won’t take place until later which is where all the fun begins. Entertainment and cultural experiences would make up the rest of the establishment that provide a variety of attractions including a hostel, an artist live-work space, European-style spa and a techno club. The purposed redevelopment of the plant will be take an estimated 10 to 15 years.

Source: Fact Mag