Man Goes to New Length to Get into Lollapalooza as Fake Guitar Center Rep



We have all dreamed about getting into festivals for free. On the weeks leading up to the date, our friends plot and scheme on how to best get past security or what part of the fence is most vulnerable to hop. But even in our wildest dreams could we ever think to disguise ourselves as a Guitar Center employee. Yes, you heard that right.

Recently at Lollapalooza, a man who still remains anonymous, dressed up as an employee from Guitar Center and walked right past security carrying what the guards thought was a couple of massive speakers. But those “Speakers” where actually just disguised cases of beer for him and his mates. The video of the man was recently taken down, but id you had the chance to catch some wise words you would have heard….

“My plan is simple: go to Lollapalooza, pretend I’m delivering speakers and have those said speakers be filled with a shit-ton of beer. . .And then enjoy the rest of the day with my friends.”

His plan worked flawlessly day one. The second he was in the crowd, he ditched the speaker boxes, snagged the beer, and was off. The second day he decided to step it up one more notch. He wormed his way through the gatekeepers this time by passing out Guitar Center gift cards with a whopping $0 on them. Sometimes we can never hope to understand what makes geniuses like this thrive as they do, but my hat goes off to this man.