Families Of HARD Summer Attendees Suing Live Nation


Its been in the news frequently recently that LA County is growing more and more intolerant to raves and music festivals alike. This is surely started from years of extremely loud all night parties, but has been amplified by recent deaths at events like HARD Summer this year and last year. Officials met from both sides and seemed to take a step in the right direction but there were¬†still three tragic deaths at this year’s.

There was also a death at the 2014 HARD Summer and we are now learning that the families of two women who died at the 2014 and 2015 are taking legal action. They plan on suing Live Nation the parent company, LA County and LA County Fair Association for negligence and wrongful death. They are claiming that Live Nation did not provide adequate medical help at the fests and knew that they were not providing a safe environment. After HARD Summer last year representatives from the company met with county officials to ensure that they could continue throwing these events and changes were made to make them safer.

Unfortunately we have still seen tragedies again this summer so the upcoming legal cases should give us some insight into the future of raves in LA County.