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Madeon Featured in New FIFA Trailer

Shortly after announcing a duo tour, Shelter, and releasing a song of the same name with Porter RobinsonMadeon has shown that he knows no such thing as a break. Constantly striving to become the best producer he can be, the young Frenchman has now been featured on the new FIFA trailer.

Remixing Blur’s classic “Song 2“, the song stays true to the vocals of the original heavy metal song while simultaneously giving it that tasteful Madeon spin. Although word of the remix surfaced a few years back, there was never an official release for the track. With this new trailer coming out, however, it might be plausible that the remix will be released very soon. In addition to the Shelter tour, this news is very warmly welcomed by his fans.

Catch the song in the FIFA trailer below and make sure to keep an eye out for the release of the new game as well.

Dennis Tran
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