Pasquale Rotella’s Bribery Trial Is Officially Underway


Pasquale Rotella

Many may have forgotten, but years ago, Pasquale Rotella’s name was brought into the courts over bribery charges. It was alleged that when Insomniac was holding EDC at the LA Memorial Coliseum, that he and others paid the building’s event manager, Todd DeStefano, to hold events there. This all became known after an investigation began into the death of a 15-year-old girl that occurred at EDC in LA. The death resulted in the events and building finances being looked into, which showed law enforcement that everything was not matching up.

EDC has since left LA after being pushed out by neighbors, activists and more.  Luckily, there is a town that was made exactly for EDC only a couple hours away, Las Vegas. Vegas has since enabled EDC to blossom into one of the largest events in the world, but because of past events, Pasquale must go in front of a jury and stand trial. There has been alot of back and forth over the years with attorneys trying to get the case thrown out, reassigning prosecutors and delays, but after all that, it is finally started on August 1st.